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While things might seems and get so easy with us, thousands of people out there are roosting and in one crises or the other, in dare need of just a little attention/care, a little attention which could save their lives. Please glance and gaze at the pictures beloew and give me a reason why you will not be part of this Humanitarian endeavour.


  Outsketch of Adis-Ababa, Ethiopia


This is one good thing war can give to humanity;  starvation, sicknesses and so on. This little Ethiopia children would have loved to have some good education, and a host of other good things of life, but not before some food, let's say food this time, and not good food.

  Bayelsa State, Nigeria, Afrika


not a bird, yet little option as to where to sleep or rest as water has taken over a chunk of land where one could/should step on.

  Bombay, India


Is ths another day of NOAH, I could here a young Idian boy, clinging to his mother's back ask, as they struggle through a street covered with water - one great flood.