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is an international charitable non-government, not-for-profit organisation. Founded in 1999 on the recognition that the vast majority of people worldwide enjoy poor health care delivery services, arising from the dangers of inadequate health care facilities, crises and conflicts, droughts, disaster and famine, detrimental to full and good health. It is the belief of NAB that health is everybody's business.


VISION: Enhance sustainable community health programmes and projects by encouraging / enabling communities to have control over the decisions that affect them, over the policies that influence their lives and over the programmes that are set up to meet their needs by creating a strong link between the community, health sector and others empowering the community to act as a provider of its own health care.

OUR GOALS: To reduce to the barest minimum the mortality rate at any given disaster in the community by the provision of adequate quality care voluntarily for health promotion and maintenance.

To enhance and encourage public participation in supporting governments and non-governmental agencies in the provision of adequate health care delivery services and development of infrastructures.


To provide HIV/AIDS support programmes to infected individuals to keep them move from fear to hope, live positively and meaningfully with a sense of dignity and self-rediscovery

Even in Lagos, Nigeria! Children are often seen playing happily about, but most of them end like the child above - roosting under the shade of a demobilised truck



  • Shift the focus from disease and hospital to promotion of health and community based care.
  • Take a holistic approach to care.
  • Providing effective, preventive and curative and rehabilitative services.
  • Instil a professional sense of responsibility amongst health care providers through enlightenment campaigns, seminars, symposia, workshops, advertisement, radio and T.V. Jingles, talk-shows etc..
  • Be active participants in multi-disciplinary and intersectional teams for health development.
  • Promote inter NGO relationships thereby strengthening community development.
  • Provide a medium and encourage exchange programme from country to country for shared ideas, information and education on adequate health care delivery services.

NEWS UPDATENIGERIA: Nigeria experiencing yet another great economic setback in a span of 1 year... WORK is at a stand-still, as Labour Leader declares 21 day strike in protest of fuel price hike ISRAEL: Arafat calls groups together, Israel tightens security around Jerusalem...UK: Tony Blair threatened in a public outing by sepratists... secratary says danger looms NIGER: as hunger threatens to tear the country apart, a lot of them rush to the neighbouring Nigeria in search of WHAT TO EATNurses Across the Borders, lending helping hand, while calling on you to join in the bid to affecting lives in these areas


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Membership: It is open to ANYONE with the LOVE of mankind at heart and can support the ideals, goals, and vision of NAB. Members are drawn from the 36 states of Nigeria plus the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Guinea, and United States of America.

Registration With Corporate Affairs Commission:All the documentation for the registration of NAB with INCORPORATED TRUSTEES with C.A.C. is almost concluded. Section 40 and 41 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria guarantee our activities


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